About Us

We are a 4th generation farming family which began years ago with a legacy of passion for farming and preserving the land.  It started when Ben and Mary Coussens decided to leave Belguim and come to America to start a new life farming.  They were dairy farmers and passed on the love for farming onto their sons and grandsons.  John (our father, grandfather and husband) had farming in his blood and loved the land and the entire process of tilling, planting and harvesting. He always looked forward to each year and each harvest with the same spirit of excitement and passion.  In 2013 John passed the baton and passion to us.  We have taken on the responsibility to preserve the quality of the land and to make every effort to achieve the highest quality of product for the consumer because of the sacrifices and commitment from our ancestors.


Blueberries Planted in 1997

We planted our first blueberry plant in 1997 and sold to a local cannery who then shipped to world markets.  It wasn’t until 2009 that we opened a few acres to u-picking.  It is of the upmost importance that the fields we harvest locally and globally meet the highest government standards and are the best quality possible.  We welcome families to u-pick only when the blueberries are at their peak in flavor and freshness.  A satisfied customer is always our goal and our greatest reward.

Carrying On A Legacy

It is with great pride that we carry on the legacy for those family members who have toiled long and sometimes difficult hours year after year and taught us the importance of hard work, responsibility and service.  It is for them we choose to carry on their vision so that other people might share in the harvest of the land and have the pleasure of picking their own locally grown fruit.  It doesn’t get much better than that!





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